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Kantor Hukum Jumadin Sidabutar

Jumadin Sidabutar Law Office

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Development and dynamic changes in all aspects of the law in Indonesia in the era of globalization make the legal issues between the subjects of law, both individuals and legal entities are becoming increasingly complex and diverse. Based on this, the need for qualified and professional legal services has become a requirement for every person or legal entity who need legal services.

LAW OFFICE JUMADIN SIDABUTAR is a law office based in East Jakarta, Indonesia, is committed to provide quality legal services in the areas of Litigation and Non Litigation. A strong desire to make it happen is to develop expertise in all legal scope in order to provide services is increasing from time to time with the times.

KANTOR HUKUM JUMADIN SIDABUTAR evolved into a multi-disciplinary practice established by the optimism and vision for the future. Advocates and all staff are encouraged to adopt a progressive approach and positive law. The use of cutting-edge technology with a focus on the needs of clients in offering legal services and legal opinions in accordance with high standards of professionalism is a major commitment.

LAW OFFICE JUMADIN SIDABUTAR a law office that seeks to present the best legal services to individuals throughout Indonesia.

LAW OFFICE JUMADIN SIDABUTAR law firm in Jakarta comes amid various legal products such as; Banking Law, Corporate Law, Capital Market Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Intellectual Property Law, Bankruptcy Law, Curator, Licensing, Litigation, Arbitration and so on.

Pengacara Terbaik Di Jakarta, Jumadin Sidabutar

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