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Devy Ros Gown Designer

Devy Ros – Bridal & Gown Designer Semarang

Lingkup pekerjaan:
– Pembuatan website
– Editing Photo pendukung
– Design logo
– Animasi flash


Meet Devy Ros, a fashion designer best known for her collections defining modern luxury with romantic elegance and timeless style.

Her burning passion for fashion was unstoppable as she puts it, “Fashion has always been my thing, so I  build my career as fashion designer. I always dream of success, and I work hard to achieve it. In the end, I believe learning is a continuous effort, and our experience is the best teacher out there.”

Currently based in Semarang, she has stolen the limelight in Hong Kong Fashion Week 2013, and in Bali, where she dressed Miss Columbia, Miss Ecuador, Miss Barbados, Miss British Virgin Island, and Miss Nepal during the Miss World Pageant 2013.

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